The Japan Pacific Resource Network (JPRN), founded in California in 1985, is a nonprofit 501(c)3, public interests and educational organization. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, JPRN espouses a grassroots approach toward cultural exchange, and education about nonprofit organizations is one of its primary aims.

We design and manage programs that bring Japanese visitors to America, offering first-hand experience in volunteering, as well as opportunities for research of non-profit organizations. Typically, such volunteering and research programs focus on civil rights, community building, the environment, social welfare, eldercare and many others. As such, we bring people together in a cultural exchange on a community level, helping to foster a multicultural society.

Since being founded in 1985, JPRN has been providing:

  1. Nonprofit internship and volunteer opportunities in the US and Japan, planning and implementing overseas educational trips and exchange tours for universities, corporations, government agencies, unions, grassroots organizations and individuals.
  2. Organization of research and educational projects on civil rights, corporate social responsibilities, nonprofit sector and Japan-US relations, and publishing bilingual research materials
  3. Coordination of seminars for corporate or nonprofit in-house training sessions, and sponsoring forums and workshops to facilitate exchanges of information between the US and Japan's nonprofit sector.
  4. Forums to address social issues to enlighten US-based Japanese companies and US communities
  5. Technical assistance and consultation for nonprofit specials and future leaders of nonprofits in Japan.
Through these efforts, we strongly believe that we can increase Japanese and US public awareness about positive social change towards a multicultural society while establishing and reinforcing better Japan-US relationship through person-to-person level interaction between the two countries.
Furthermore, we are confident that our work plays a very unique role in pursuit of a more just society in both countries where public interests come first before government and corporate power.


JPRN's Mission

JPRN is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1985. From its office in the San Francisco Bay Area, JPRN works in pursuit of a more just society, promoting civil rights, corporate social responsibility, and community empowerment in the context of US-Japan relations. JPRN carries out this mission through research and educational projects, bilingual technical assistance, and cross-cultural networking. JPRNfs programs emphasize leadership development, volunteerism and coalition building.



Akane Nobusa, Executive Director (Oakland)
Michiko Yamamoto, Tokyo Representative (Tokyo)


Board of Directors

Marvin Gibson, President
Center for Elders Independence

Yoko Regalia, Treasurer
AISEI Japanese Language Services

C. Red Gillen, Secretary

Akane Nobusa
Japan Pacific Resource Network


Hiroshi Kashiwagi, Professor
Osaka City University Graduate School

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